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Week 8B: Businesses Example of Visual Samples

For my business I think that the use of visual media is effective since my business is based on my portfolio. I post visual media to showcase my work so that potential clients can see what I can offer. A similar technique is used by Wong Fu Productions where they post small clips of their short films to entice their audience into watching the entirety of the film. Their usage of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram allows them to cast a large, expanding net to direct the curious audience to their main platform, YouTube. Using this technique, Wong Fu can grab a diverse viewership with the viewer’s interest feeding their production ideas, creating a positive feedback loop for their business. With 1.9 million followers, Brandon Woelfel uses Instagram as his main platform to showcase his portfolio of various photography and editing skills. Showing before and after pictures of his product on Facebook as well, Woelfel sells his time, skills and products to his customers as well as collabing with…

Week 8A: Project Part 1

I already have existing accounts that I use to showcase my work for my business, but they are under different names. I am currently using Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. I usually post every two to three days on Instagram and I have recently been active on my YouTube channel again. I plan on posting at least one video a week and using Facebook and Instagram to advertise my video. I use different hashtags on different platforms. On YouTube I use more specific hashtags that are particular to what is in the video. However, I will reuse hashtags for multiple Instagram posts since they are all very similar in style. My YouTube channel currently has 24 subscribers and my Instagram has 609 followers. On my YouTube channel I am subscribed to 68 channels and on my Instagram I am following around 300 accounts. I think that my Instagram is the most effective for my business since it can reach a vast amount of people and the layout perfectly showcases my portfolio of photography. However, I wan…

Week 7B: Scheduled Posts

I am showcasing my photography in these posts and trying to build a relationship with my audience by asking questions and sharing a little about my interests. I will continue to post my photography and build a portfolio while at the same time prompting discussions and directing my followers to my website. I plan on sharing posts from other photographers that inspire me so my audience knows where I am coming from and hopefully connect with me. In doing so I might be able to gain new clients and make new connections.

Week 7A: Facebook Page Likes

I chose to like 8 photography and videography pages so that I could repost their content and maybe draw their attention towards my own content. I want to be able to recommend good photographers to my followers who they might potentially like if they enjoy my work. A lot of my work is inspired by the people that I am following so my followers can see where I get my inspiration. The pages I chose to follow include:

Wong Fu Productions (Producer) 
Jessica Kobeissi Photography (Artist)
Jerry Maestas (Photographer)
Derrick Freske Photography (Artist)
Brandon Woelfel Photography (Photographer)
Lost LeBlanc (Public Figure) Nainoa Langer (Artist) Joshua J Mathis (Photographer/Video Creator)

Week 6: Facebook Insights

When it comes to marketing on Facebook Insights, post reach is a term used to describe how many individual profiles or people are seeing a page’s content. Facebook splits this feature into two categories: page reach and post reach. On the other hand, post engagement measures how much interaction a page gets in terms of likes, comments, and shares.
It is important to know the difference so that when you are looking at your analytics you can see which posts are most successful. You should cater your content towards those posts that get the most engagement because that is what your followers want to see. It is useful to know your post reach so that you can see who is seeing your posts aside from those that are already following you. In my opinion, post reach is more suited for analyzing how well your page attracts new people and post engagement is more geared towards seeing how well your posts do with the people who are already following you since they are the first ones who will see you…