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Week 5B: Target Audience

In order for a business to cater their content towards a specific group of people they must have a sense of their target audience. With this knowledge a business can effectively market their service or product thus generating more sales. If a business doesn’t have a target audience then their content might become too vague and disconnect in an attempt to please everyone.
For my new business “Khamleck Photography”, my target audience would be both males and females aging from around 15 years old to 30 years old. As a photographer I can take pictures for families, high school dances, models, and I can work at weddings. Young adults are my ideal clients because they are the most likely to want photos that they can post onto their personal social medias and they like to document their life. Of course there will be outliers and I will adapt my target audience as I enter the market.

Week 5A: Target Market Comparison

In set one’s websites, both are targeting parents and more specifically mothers who have young children who are in need of diapers.They both have a similar target market, which is for middle class mothers who are looking for affordable diapers that are still good quality. These websites are targeting mothers who value the quality of the products they are buying, but at the same time are looking for a reasonable price. Both of the “About” pages establish this call to action, but in different ways. The website “Just Cheap Diapers” specifically wrote their “About” page in first person so that they might be able to connect as a mother themselves. In doing so, they are tapping into the values and lifestyles of a mother who is overwhelmed by the number of diaper options. The second website “Econobum” seems more formal than the first website since their “About” page is written in third person and they offers more information about diapers. They target a mother’s interest in researching diape…

Week 4B: Two Websites and Comments

The first website that I visit frequently is Wong Fu Productions ( Their website is clean and easy to navigate through the different tabs to find what I am looking for. The home page is interactive and showcases a little gallery of their work. Furthermore, the website’s components are aligned nicely and are aesthetically pleasing to look at. They stick to the same color palette and have consistency between the different pages. I go back to navigate to their shop and see their latest work. All of this information is laid out in their menu for me to access. One thing that I would fix is that the tab to access the menu is a little hidden because is small and in the corner, but other than that I really like their design.

The next website that I visit frequently is YouTube ( I like how all the tabs are hidden away in a sidebar that you can access when you click on the menu button. This way it hides all of the texts and only display…

Week 4A: Aesthetics, Design, and Branding

The first website I clicked on was the one by Jami Lin. My first impression was that it looked messy and chaotic. The colors are kind of unappealing and there are too many button to click on. In my opinion, if they could clean up the tabs and choose a more aesthetically pleasing background then it would make the website instantly better. There doesn’t seem to be any branding either so I would say that they should include some sort of logo as the focal point of the page. Overall, the website looks very outdated as if it were coded by hand when nowadays there are easy website builders that look a lot better.

The next website I looked at was by Penny Juice America. This one was a little better than the first website, but it could still use a little update. First I would recommend that they use less bright colors and try to stick to a theme so that the page looks more clean and put together. The layout looks okay, but if I am being critical I would say to remove the banner at the bottom of…

Week 3B: Local Business Research and Comments

Listed are 5 business's social media that I researched:

Business 1
“Textile Study Guild of San Diego” ( Active social media: Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter Last Posts: Facebook: February 9, 2018 Google+: November 1, 2017 Pinterest: January 10, 2018 YouTube: January 13, 2018 Twitter: February 9, 2018 Instagram: February 11, 2018 They seem most active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for posting new workshops or meet ups. These platforms are the best for spreading this sort of information, but they are inactive on their other social media. Maybe they should remove those links and focus on these select platforms so that they don’t spread themselves out too thin. Business 2
Vu Wendy ( Active social media: Instagram, Wordpress, Twitter Last Posts: Instagram: February 10, 2018 Wordpress: December 20, 2017 Twitter: January 25, 2018 I like how this business focuses on posting on just a couple of plat…

Week 3A: Communication

As a consumer, I rarely communicate with businesses through their social media. However, I have seen other people send messages and questions through Facebook and usually the business will reply fairly quickly. Should I ever need to contact a business, I would most likely send them a direct message through whichever platform that they seem most active on. There is a feature that I think is very helpful on Facebook where a business page will have an estimated time of when they will reply to you based on their previous interactions. In this way, I think social media does make it easier to get noticed and connect with someone who can answer your questions. 

In my experience I have had success communicating with businesses through social media. Sometimes I will watch tutorial videos on YouTube and if I have a question I will just leave a comment then I will usually get a reply fairly quickly. It also helps that when consumers communicate through social media, their questions are posted for…

Week 2A: Overview of Social Media

When it comes to using social media for personal use, I think that the best platform to use completely depends on what you plan on using social media for. For example, if you want to use social media to showcase your artwork or photography samples, then Instagram would be the way to go. However, if you want to be able to quickly communicate with friends and family from out of town, then Facebook would be best to get the job done. It all completely depends on what YOU need. Maybe you want to have a place to rant or log your daily thoughts and that would fit perfectly with how Twitter is designed. Sometimes you can even use multiple platforms so that all of your personal needs are met. In my opinion, Instagram is my favorite platform because I love photography and it is easy to set hashtags to showcase my photos to people around the world. I can then build a community and receive feedback on what I can improve on in the future.

Nowadays almost all social media platforms have advertisemen…