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Week 4A: Aesthetics, Design, and Branding

The first website I clicked on was the one by Jami Lin. My first impression was that it looked messy and chaotic. The colors are kind of unappealing and there are too many button to click on. In my opinion, if they could clean up the tabs and choose a more aesthetically pleasing background then it would make the website instantly better. There doesn’t seem to be any branding either so I would say that they should include some sort of logo as the focal point of the page. Overall, the website looks very outdated as if it were coded by hand when nowadays there are easy website builders that look a lot better.

The next website I looked at was by Penny Juice America. This one was a little better than the first website, but it could still use a little update. First I would recommend that they use less bright colors and try to stick to a theme so that the page looks more clean and put together. The layout looks okay, but if I am being critical I would say to remove the banner at the bottom of the website because it is distracting away from the other social media links. Those are the parts that need to pop out, not the background. The last aspect that I would fix is the text display on the “Childcare Juice” page. I would recommend that they make it look less formulaic and have the text interact with the photos and background instead of existing next to them. This would make the text a lot more pleasing to read and it would highlight the important information that they want to get across.

The third website I looked at was Apple. I really like the design of their website and how everything is clean and symmetrical. I think it is fairly easy to use and all of the different products are displayed in tabs, which makes everything organized. As far as branding, Apple has a very clear and simple logo that is instantly recognizable nowadays. Since I am familiar with Apple I sort of expect their website to be aesthetically pleasing because it correlates with what I expect their phones to look like. If their website is clean then their product must be too.

Another website that does well is the one by Toyota. I like how interactive their website is and how easy it is to navigate through it. When people are looking for cars the appearance plays a large factor so the fact that Toyota displays a small profile image of each of their cars in the drop down menu is a plus. Regarding their design, I think their logo is very unique and recognizable.


  1. Good observation maxim, I agree with you. Your point of view is similar to mine.

  2. Regarding the Penny Juice site, could they be using the bright colors to attract kids and then showing the parents that their children will enjoy the product too?

  3. Very valid points, but what really drew my attention was what you said about how the text should interact with the photos, I never thought of that.


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