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Week 17: Future Strategy (Final)

Originally I took this class to learn how I could market and manage other business's social media, but now I am also using it to manage my own personal business. I have experimented with my own business so that I know what to expect when I take on clientele. I already had experience with all of the social medias we used throughout this semester, but I never used them from a business standpoint. Thus, I thought it was useful to see how the analytics work and to see how I could use the integrated advertising provided by each social media platform.

Overall my viewpoint of social media hasn’t changed because I did some research before taking this class. Growing up with social media, I have seen it change over the years, which is why I took this class. I wanted to learn the business side so that I could utilize it to help other businesses that might be struggling. I know a lot of businesses that are failing to optimize their social media primarily because they don’t know how to use it. They fail to see the potential of social media, therefore they don’t make the effort to learn it. That is where I come in and use the skills that I learned from this class to better their business.

Personally, I already have my favorite social medias. I use them all for different reasons and now I might adapt some of my accounts to showcase my own interests. I have always enjoyed videography, photography and graphic design, but never really thought about marketing myself with those skills. As I was developing my business’s social media throughout the modules, I learned that I could advertise myself and find new clientele. I think Instagram is the prime place to do so, which is why I have started building a portfolio on there.

As we were going through the different types of social media, I think that I struggled the most with email subscriptions. I liked the idea of it, but I think that it is a really niche specific form of media. In my opinion, I think that it is just a digital version of receiving magazine subscriptions through the mail, which no one reads. I don’t think it works for every business, but it might in the case that I am advertising for a class or teaching type of business. Other than that, I think that I would use the other social medias that we learned about in this class.

Overall, I thought the information from this class was useful in helping me towards my goal. Now that I have these skills, I will start reaching out to small local businesses. I will pitch to them that I can increase their social media following, which will better their business and bring in new customers. If I do this for multiple businesses, I can earn some money on the side and start building my marketing portfolio.


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